What is a shelter?

A shelter is a safe house where you can get emergency housing and food for yourself and children. A shelter will also provide you with counselling, and other necessary referrals. The shelters in Hamilton have a 24 hour crisis line.

Please find a list below of local shelters and a website for all shelters in Canada. Local Shelter services are 24/7 and provide women a safe place to stay for 6 weeks, basic services offered are:

  •  Emergency residential living for upto 6 weeks, is operational 24 hours a day  7 days a week
  •  Free emergency transportation to shelter
  •  Safety planning
  •  Outreach worker (community housing support worker)
  •  24 hour crisis line

To find out additional services at each shelter please contact a local shelter. 

Hamilton has several emergency shelters for women and their children living with violence. There is hope please contact a shelter and speak with staff who will help.

Inasmuch House                                               

905-529-8600 (crisis line) or                                                                                                 

905-529-8149 (business line)

Interval House of Hamilton                             

905-387-8881 (crisis line) or

905-387-9959 (business line) 

Native Women's Centre

905-664-1114 or (crisis & business line)

1-888-308-6559 (toll free number)  

Martha House 

905-523-6277 (crisis line or)

905-523-8895 (business line) 

Mary's Place   (adult women only)   

905-540-8000 (crisis & business line) 



905-540-8000 (crisis & business line) 


905-540-8000 (crisis & business line)