The Woman Abuse Working Group (WAWG) is a coalition of more than twenty agencies in Hamilton, Ontario working to end violence against women.

We are led by Violence Against Women (VAW) women's organizations, working with community and government agencies, individuals, survivors and consumers, who are committed to the eradication of violence against women and their children. We strive to reflect and represent the diversity of our community.

Violence against women transcends all boundaries and stereotypes.  It is found at all income and education levels, in all social classes, in all religions and in all races and cultures.

Our website has information about our work, resources, and events. In addition, in order to better serve women, we have shared PCAWA's (Peel Committee Against Woman Abuse) Safety Planning Documents.

Safety Planning needs to be a top priority, whether a woman chooses to remain in the home or leave. Making a Safety Plan involves identifying actions to increase her safety and that of her children. It is WAWG's goal to reach as many women as possible and having the Safety Planning Booklet available in several languages help us to do this.

The Safety Planning Booklet is available in 13 languages; English, French, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, Urdu, Tamil, Punjabi, Hindi, Italian, Tagalong and Portugese. Please click here to learn more.

In addition we invite you to check out resources available through our member agencies. Click here to see who is a member and check out their website.