Value Statements



WAWG believes:

  • It is a basic human right for all individuals to live free of violence, oppression or exploitation

  • Violence against women in its many forms stems from a global and cultural context of discrimination against women and is supported by the economic, social and political structures of society

  • Many forms of abuse are illegal and all forms are morally offensive demanding that the offender, not victims be held responsible for their behaviour

  • Violence against women has a destructive, long lasting impact on women, children and family relationships, as well as the community as a whole

  • Children who are exposed to woman abuse are negatively impacted

  • Given that women who have experienced violence may display a variety of behaviours that may not be understood or considered appropriate, it is essential that these behaviours are seen as coping strategies in reaction to violence which the woman incorporates as necessary for survival

  • All women have the right to services that are sensitive, appropriate, and meets their needs regardless of economic and social locations

  • All members of WAWG, service users and the general public should be treated with respect, compassion, sensitivity and consideration for personhood

  • We believe in recognizing, respecting and valuing diversity in our community and aim to model this belief through our coalition