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Header image of a woman and a child's face. The text reads: "Pervasive and widespread, woman abuse and sexual violence harm women of all ages, sexual orientations, racial and ethnic backgrounds, socio-economic classes and religions".

Pervasive and widespread, woman abuse and sexual violence harm
women of all ages, sexual orientations, racial and ethnic backgrounds,
socio-economic classes and religions.

Mobile header containing a woman's face and a child's face. The header contains the following text: "Woman abuse harms women of all ages, sexual orientations, ethnic backgrounds, socio-economic classes, & religions.

What is Abuse?

Woman abuse is any threat, act or physical force that is used to create fear, control or intimidate you.

Physical Abuse

Any unnecessary/unwanted physical contact caused by another person resulting in bodily harm, discomfort and/or injury. e.g., slapping, kicking, restraining, choking, and restricting food.

Emotional Abuse

Any act that provokes fear, diminishes the individual’s dignity or self-worth, and/or intentionally inflects psychological trauma on another person. (e.g., yelling, intimidating, silence, playing on emotions, degradation, treating her as though she was a child, coming home drunk or stoned, refusing to provide support or help out with the baby/children.)

Sexual Abuse

Any unwelcome or forced sexual activities. (e.g., unwanted sexual contact, forces her to have sex, forcing her to have sex with others, uttering threats to obtain sex, forcing sex when she is sick, after childbirth or surgery, treating her as a sex object, refusing to allow or forcing her to use contraception.

Verbal Abuse

The use of negative comments that are unwelcome, embarrassing, offensive, threatening
and/or degrading to a woman. (e.g. name calling, false accusations, lying, saying one thing and meaning another.)

Financial Abuse

Any behaviour that reduces/eliminates a woman’s financial independence and/or financial decision-making. (e.g. taking her money, forging her name, withholding money, spending money on addiction, gambling, sexual services, keeping family finances a secret.)

Social Abuse

Any behaviour resulting in the isolation and alienation of a woman from friends or family. (e.g. controlling what she does, whom she sees and talks to, failing to pass on messages, treating her like a servant, and making a “scene” in public.)

Religious Abuse

Any tactics that exert power and control over a woman’s spirituality and religious orientation. (e.g. using religion to justify abuse or dominance, using church position to pressure for sex or favours.)

Environmental Abuse

Any tactics used that result in a woman being fearful of her surroundings. (e.g., slamming doors, punching walls, harming pets, driving too fast.)

Privilege/Social Status

Any comments or actions that suggest she is inferior because she comes from a different socio-economic background, the use of social status or wealth to hide or deny abusive behaviour, the use of wealth to involve her in expensive legal proceedings or to manipulate or prolong legal proceedings.

*adapted from Neighbours Friends and Family
There are many signs you or a loved one may be in an abusive relationship. Some may be easy to identify, others may be more subtle. We encourage you to read the list below, visit the other websites and/or contact a local shelter or second stage, and counselling services listed in this website to speak with a worker. There is no cost and you don’t have to come in to get support!!!

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