Safety Planning



What is a Safety Plan?

Safety planning is a top priority, whether you choose to remain in the home or leave. Making a safety plan involves identifying actions to increase your safety and that of your children. You will find some suggestions here that might be helpful to you. Please remember you can contact a local shelter to assist you with preparing a safety plan.

If you are in an abusive relationship, or thinking about leaving an abusive relationship, there are ways to increase your safety of loved ones and animals by creating a safety plan. There is no one type of safety plan for every situation. You can contact your local shelter, second stage service, or counselling service to develop a personalized safety plan. Or visit  a website listed below.


Special thanks to PCAWA (Peel Committee Against Woman Abuse) for sharing the following Safety Planning Documents.

For a complete listing of our local community resources click our link:  Please click here for a printable version of Community Resources.pdf (240 KB)

Please click on the appropriate language to view and/or download a Safety Planning Booklet.

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