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WAWG @ McMaster Welcome Week Resource Fair - August 2018

WAWG participated in McMaster University’s resource fair during welcome week in August in an effort to address sexual violence during university. WAWG representative used an interactive activity with sexual assualt statistics to engage students and spread awareness of the prevalence of sexual violence on campus. We also provided a number of tips to prevent or seek help about these incidents including respect of consent and resource contacts on campus.
Events page photo of five women who are part of the Women Abuse Working Group organization. They are standing outside of the McMaster University buildings with a display booth. WAWG@McMaster Welcome Week Resource Fair
WAWG representatives ready to talk to students and staff about sexual assault stats and how we can create a #campus free of sexual violence.
Events page photo of a big sheet of white cardboard with the red letters WAWG on it. Signatures are inside the letters.
This sign is a collaboration of many local youth writing in #EndVAW to fill out our initials - it's their contribution to the #McMaster resource fair!
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