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Violence Against Women Shelters & Services in Hamilton - Video

If you are a survivor of violence, an ally looking for information, or a helping professional, this video will provide some resources and services available in Hamilton.


Women’s shelters do much more than offer safe space with a bed. Besides providing basic needs of shelter, food, clothing and personal care items, there are various programs and resources not just for women and non-binary folks, teenagers of a certain age, and children within the shelter but for women, non-binary folks and children living in the community. These resources include transitional support, legal advocacy, crisis counselling, case management, safety planning, child witness programs, help in finding housing, life skills, health centre, and more.


Homelessness and violence are intertwined. Researchers worldwide show repeatedly that violence is the primary cause of women’s housing instability and homelessness, and that as many as 30% of women return to their abusers because of a lack of housing. For the past several decades, homelessness in Canada among women has been rising, both in absolute numbers and in the complexity of issues facing homeless women. Hamilton is experiencing pressure within the unhoused women’s sector because it lacks a comprehensive gender specific response to address the needs of at-risk and unhoused women and non-binary folks. This also means a shortage of space for emergency VAW shelter.

For a downloadable format of the video, contact [email protected]


(Video created 2023)

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