2016-11-01 Media Release of Events During Woman Abuse Prevention Month


November is Woman Abuse Prevention Month

Hamilton, Tuesday November 1, 2016

The Woman Abuse Working Group is a coalition of more than 20 agencies working to end violence against woman and their children. To bring attention to the Woman Abuse Prevention Month WAWG and its sub-committees have, and will be holding upcoming events.

November’s Woman Abuse Prevention Month is to raise awareness that woman are disproportionately victims of abuse and that the abuse that woman face tends to be more severe.  *Statistics Canada http://www.women.gov.on.ca/owd/english/ending-violence/domestic_violence.shtml


October 29 – Art Workshop for Survivors – Survivors participated in an art workshop from DAV(e) Collective where survivors made a collage and the process was recorded to make a documentary. The art and documentary will be displayed in late November or early December.

November 1-November 31st 2016 - The Survivors quilt will be displayed on the 4th floor of the central library located at 55 York Blvd. In 2014, WAWG’s Public Awareness & Education campaign created two Hope Quilts. Eighty-four survivors created the art to make the quilts which show what Hope, Strength, and Freedom from abuse look like.

November 21, 2016 – WAWG’s Public Awareness & Education Committee presents a day of learning with Farrah Khan and Deepa Mattoo: Not in Our Name – Community Approaches to Addressing Forced Marriage and Honour Based Violence training is grounded in intersectional, anti-racist, feminist, survivor centered framework. http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2585852

Media Inquiries:

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