Supporting Trans Day of Remembrance - Nov 2018

Today WAWG signs a statement in solidarity for Trans Day of Remembrance, below is the statement made public: 


Monday November 19, 2018

November 20th is the Trans Day of Remembrance – a day to commemorate the many people killed because of transphobia. On the eve of the Trans Day of Remembrance, we write as feminist activists, parents of trans and non-binary children, former and current anti-violence against women service providers, academics, human rights advocates and individuals who stand in solidarity with all members of the diverse trans communities. We are committed to ending violence against women. We assert that trans rights are human rights and that violence against trans women is a feminist issue. We reject all efforts to marginalize trans women from feminist spaces and to pit feminists against trans people and, in particular, trans women. The anti-trans feminist voices are in the minority amongst feminists but their voices are loud and they resound within a context of backlash against the hard fought wins by equity-seeking groups. Their persistent refusal to acknowledge trans women as women who are entitled to rights, services, support, friendship, love, and allyship is offensive and detrimental to the solidarity that is so necessary to fighting back against regressive politics and divisiveness. 

In solidarity,

Dr. Melinda Gough

Dr. Susan Fast

Gender Studies and Feminist Research, McMaster University

Hamilton Regional Indian Centre

Michelle Poirier

Dr. Christine Quail

Sexual Assault Centre (Hamilton and Area)

Vilma Rossi

Meaghan Ross

Woman Abuse Working Group

YWCA Hamilton

Good Shepherd Women’s Services